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Juli Holz


Juli Holz (b. Meiningen, 1986) is a music producer, singer, songwriter and sound artist based in Berlin. With a background in Philosophy, Musicology and American Studies, she completed her Master`s degree in Sound Studies and Sonic Arts at the University of the Arts (UDK Berlin). She moved from Weimar to Berlin in 2008 with the release of her first EP Tränen auf dem Dancefloor on Oliver Koletzki´s techno label Stil vor Talent. Attracted by Berlin´s vivid club scene she spent years in electronic sound research and explored her curiosity in all genres of contemporary music. Besides publishing her own compositions, she became a DJ playing all over Germany and also having international gigs in Switzerland, Russia and the USA, focusing on techno and electronica. She collaborated with outstanding music producers Oliver Koletzki, Daso, Dirk Leyers and Dan Caster.


In her sound art pieces she explored the possibilities of the spatiality of sound traveling in space through multichannel (8-channel surround sound) production, highlighted in a sound performance at Eigen&Art Lab Berlin.


She was culturally engaged in the art space American Whirlpools, organizing intimate experimental music nights for many years.


Her focus in the days to come are releasing her unpublished solo works, her collaborative band project Psylhouette and continuing a podcast about contemporary music and culture. 

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